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(MARIA):2021 “I stayed at the Hoosville hostel and learned that there are two authentic Mexican restaurants right next door with excellent food, the tocos there are awesome. There is great authentic Mexican food that is right across the street and next door, 5 stars”.


(Cayla):2022 “When I stayed at this hostel, I enjoyed that there was convenient access to the bus transportation right across the street & there is a very short commute to get online the monorail system. 4.5 stars. There is a bus system that goes all the way to Key West for $3.50”.


(Jennifer):2022 “ I stayed at the Hoosville hostel or three days with my husband Jeff and my two kids; The treehouse was amazing as well as the swimming pool. All of the staff was friendly and very helpful. For the price and the different amenities this is definitely the place to visit while in south Florida. My husband Jeff and children enjoyed our stay”.


(Stephanie):2022” Even though when our group of twenty arrived for spring break, the staff seemed kind of distant. Our group chalked this up due to the amount of business at the current time. Overall, the hostel team members made us feel welcome and did their best to accommodate out large group. NO COMPLAINTS HERE & will definitely come again when visiting south Florida”.

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