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( Jan11 2024

( Feb17 2024

  Our first time in Florida ever. My girlfriend and I were here on vacation & and never stayed at a hostel. I have worked in the hotel industry myself and know how ignorant and challenging the public can be. Totally 5 stars.  There's nothing bad to say bout these guys here! 

                 GUEST COMMENTS

  Honestly, I had never been to a "hostel" before & and didn't know what to expect. The staff was super cool (shout out to Chris, and Justin (both super cute BTW, esp J) ); However....All the staff worked hard to make our stay enjoyable & and there are so many different, super cool things here like the tree house, gazebo & movie night, and music. Thumbs-up guys & will be back..   Much love Ms P............

(Jenny86) July 5th 2023

"This was the 3rd time I have stayed at the Hoosville Hostel. I stayed in a private room as there was $0 deposit and I am a regular. Upon check-out we left at 9am and headed on to the Florida Keys. This place is awsome and staff is amazing. Will definately return as "Mr Hoo" the (Owner),his staff members; Chris, Justin and Mr Jim are awsome happy to help the guests :).................

  (Anaconda Spiderman) Sept 11 2023 

   My first time staying at a hostel which was new. 

  One of the staff members I think his name was "Justin" or " J-" seemed to be frustrated with some technical equipment he was setting up. It took about ten minutes and the staff member was able to finish setting up the out-door projector so our group could watch an outdoor cinema movie (WHICH WAS  AMAZING BTW).  I do think the surround sound might have been a little over the top however; I write I felt bad after learning the fact the staff member went above and this review after learning this staff member, on his own accord did all of this for our group to make our stay enjoyable.  

  You find very few people in any business that care about their clientele like the Hoosville Hostel & it's staff members .


  (Kyle42): July 2023 "When we arrived we were suppressed at the various amenities that were offered by this hostel. There is a tree-house on the property, various options ranging from cinematic movies that are played on the outside projector screen. The most impressive, was the large screen gaming system setup outside. There was a large group of French people however; Everyone had an eleventh time. We will defiantly return in the future". 

  (James): May 2023 "Great accommodating staff and friendly service. Being a hostel it's a slightly different environment interacting with various guests. Thumbs up".



  (MARIA):2023 “I stayed at the Hoosville hostel and learned that there are two authentic Mexican restaurants right next door with excellent food, the tocos there are awesome. There is great authentic Mexican food that is right across the street and next door, 5 stars”.


  (Cayla):2022 “When I stayed at this hostel, I enjoyed that there was convenient access to the bus transportation right across the street & there is a very short commute to get online the monorail system. 4.5 stars. There is a bus system that goes all the way to Key West for $3.50”.


  (Jennifer):2022 “ I stayed at the Hoosville hostel or three days with my husband Jeff and my two kids; The treehouse was amazing as well as the swimming pool. All of the staff was friendly and very helpful. For the price and the different amenities this is definitely the place to visit while in south Florida. My husband Jeff and children enjoyed our stay”.


  (Stephanie):2022” Even though when our group of twenty arrived for spring break, the staff seemed kind of distant. Our group chalked this up due to the amount of business at the current time. Overall, the hostel team members made us feel welcome and did their best to accommodate out large group. NO COMPLAINTS HERE & will definitely come again when visiting south Florida”.

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