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 Difference Between A hostel and a hotel?

  Here at Hoosville Hostel, all staff, all patrons treat one another as 'family'.  Here at Hoosville, unlike your typical "hotel", one has the opportunity to interact with guest from all oover the globe. This sense of family & friendship you will NOT find at any other hotel anywhere guarantee.

  From the minute you check into our establishment,, you will be greated and treated with respect, shown a tour of the property and asked if there are any accomidations that can be reasonably offered to help make your stay more enjoyable; This is not something you will find at ANY of your "regular hotel establishments".

  Sometimes thing's may be a bit "quarky" but as anyone with family knows, family cares, loves and looks out for one another. This is the #1 item that makes the Hoosville Hostel stand apart from any other establishment.

  Please visit our site regularly to view upcoming or current videos of different party venues we hold for groups, interesting photos as well as other media / pranks played upon some of our belovid family/ guest members. We here at the Hoosville Hostel welcome everyone regradless of race, religion or creed and hope to see you soon so you too can feel that sense of belonging here with us for the duration of your stay.

Still Under Construction Here:

Please check back for some new features audio 
/ video content; from beloved patrons to various pranks by guests  (and / or staff ). Other unique content soon to follow.

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